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Established in 1976, We is a professional worm gearbox manufacturer in China, specializing in the production of a wide variety of transmission machinery. With more than three decades in the industry, our assets now total 117.2 million dollars ...

Other Products
  • FCNDK Worm Gear Reducer
  • FCNDK Worm Gear ReducerAs a professional aluminum case worm gearbox manufacturer in China, we can provide FCN series single stage aluminum case worm gearboxes, FCEN series double stage aluminum case ...
  • FCPDK Worm Gear Reducer
  • FCPDK Worm Gear ReducerAs a professional aluminum case worm gearbox manufacturer in China, we can provide many kinds of FCPDK worm gear reducer, including FCP series single stage aluminum case worm ...
  • Single Stage Worm Reducer
  • Single Stage Worm ReducerAs a professional single stage worm reducer manufacturer in China, we can provide not only single stage worm reducers, but also double stage worm gearboxes, aluminum case ...
  • FCQY Worm Gearbox
  • FCQY Worm GearboxAs a professional gear reducer manufacturer in China, we can produce a wide range of FCQY worm gearbox for our customers to choose. Our FCQY worm gearbox can be used in light...
  • Cyclo Drive Speed Reducer
  • Cyclo Drive Speed ReducerCompact in structure and small in size
    Cyclo drive speed reducer adopts planetary drive principle, and the input shaft and output shaft are in the same axis line, so the gear reducer is small in size.
  • Stepless Speed Variator
  • Stepless Speed VariatorStepless Speed Variator is a kind of advanced CVT that adopts transmission belt, driving wheel and driven wheel to transfer force, thus to achieve the continuous change of transmission...
  • Arc Gear Cylindrical Worm Gearbox
  • Arc Gear Cylindrical Worm GearboxArc gear cylindrical worm gearbox is a kind of transmission equipment which adopts the cylindrical worm with arc axial section. Our arc gear cylindrical worm gearbox has the characteristics of large carrying ...
  • Screw Actuator
  • Screw ActuatorScrew actuator is a kind of basic lifting component that can accurately control and adjust the lifting or impelling height according to a certain procedure.
    It can be driven by electric motor...
  • Flexible Couplings FCL
  • Flexible Couplings FCLThe flexible couplings can offer its best performance and longer service life provided that the relative displacement between shafts is kept within the specified tolerance.FCL series flexible couplings...
  • Worm Reducer for Dried Powder Press
  • Worm Reducer for Dried Powder Press Worm reducer for dried powder press is a kind of transmission device mainly designed for use in the forming mechanism of dried powder automatic press to facilitate the forming of process..
  • Worm Reducer for Paper Cutting Machine
  • Worm Reducer for Paper Cutting Machine Since our worm reducer for paper cutting machine adopts high precision variable tooth worm drive, it has the advantages of large shearing force, low running noise, quick running speed, high efficiency..

Gearbox Manufacturer in China

As a professional gearbox manufacturer in China, We specializes in the production and sale of worm gearboxes, gear reducers, gate operators, screw actuators, couplings, and more. Our gear reducers and other transmission equipment can be classified into 10 categories, with more than 80,000 different types. They can be used in a wide variety of equipment, such as power equipment, mining equipment, metallurgical equipment, construction equipment, cement processing equipment, chemical equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, tobacco equipment, printing equipment, food processing equipment, electronic devices, wood processing equipment, and paper making equipment, among others.

As more highly automated machinery has become popular, the demand for our machinery has grown. As an indispensable transmission device for the attainment of complete automation, reduction gearboxes such as worm gearboxes, cycloidal reducers, gear reducers, continuously variable transmissions, and electric drums are increasingly in demand. To avoid the problems of lesser quality products on the market, we have developed high performance products of our own, and we continuously strive to improve our manufacturing technology. As a result, the technical performance of our worm gearboxes, gear reducers, screw actuators, etc., has reached an internationally advanced level.

As an experienced worm gear reducer manufacturer in China, we strictly apply international quality management standards and industry standards to produce our gearboxes and other transmission equipment. All of our products are manufactured in conformity with the ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system and are CE certified. Our products which are used in the auto industry are also manufactured according to ISO/TS16949 quality standards. Also, the surface finishing of our worm gearboxes, gear reducers, screw actuators, and so on, are in accordance with the European ROHS standard, and we create packaging cases according to clients’ requirements.

Our worm gearboxes, inline helical gearboxes, cyclo drive reducers, and other transmission machinery are compact, durable, and environmentally friendly. Their high quality, reliable performance, and low price are popular with the EMERSON Company, ROTORK Company, and other internationally-known companies, and 80% of our products are sold to America, Canada, Italy, Germany, England, Spain, France, Australia, and India.

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