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  • Single Stage Worm Reducer Single stage worm Reducer is a component part of power train which can delivers about 30% higher motor torque with the help of single stage worm reducer.
    This transmission machinery is mainly made up of motor, worm gearing, worm wheel shaft, case...
  • Double Stage Worm Reducer Our double stage worm reducer can be used in agitators, conveyors, cranes, crushers, elevators, feeders, small ball mills, mixers, cooling towers, material handling equipment, extruders, packaging machinery and filters, etc.

FCA Worm Gear Reducer

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  • Screw Actuator Screw actuator is a kind of basic lifting component that can accurately control and adjust the lifting or impelling height according to a certain procedure.
    It can be driven by electric motor or other motive power. Manual operation is also available.
    Our screw actuator is compact in structure, small in size, light in weight, easy to install and use, noiseless, highly reliable and durable.
  • Flexible Couplings FCL FCL series flexible couplings are small in size, compact in structure, light in weight, and is easy to install and convenient to maintain.
    The flexible couplings can offer its best performance and longer service life provided that the relative displacement between shafts is kept within the specified tolerance.FCL series flexible couplings are widely used in the medium and small power .
  • Jaw Type Coupling FL Jaw Type Coupling FL can be used in all kinds of machinery and hydraulic transmissions.
    They are small in size and have large transmission torque.
    Jaw Type Coupling FL should be plugged in axially. They are easy to assembly and do not need maintenance.
    They can balance the axial, radial and angular relative displacement.
    Inner bore size d, d1 can be designed ...
  • Worm Reducer for Continuous Casting Machine RD series gear reducer is a kind of double stage transmission equipment designed with worm and worm wheel. This worm reducer has the features of large loading capacity, high efficiency, long service life, etc.
    Its shaft-mounted structure makes the gear reducer easy to connect to working machinery.
    Its housing is artistic in
  • Worm Reducer for Pipe Welding Machine Worm reducer for pipe welding machine is the gear reducer specially designed for pipe welding machinery. These rationally designed worm reducers are made of high quality raw materials. They are characterized by compact structure, large transmission ratio, stable running, slight vibrating, and low running noise, etc.
  • Worm Reducer for Rubber Tire Curing Press Worm reducer for rubber tire curing press adopts plane enveloping toroidal worm gearing, which makes it superior to other worm transmissions in many aspects, such as high loading capacity, compact structure, high efficiency, smooth running, low running noise, long service life, and so on.
  • Worm Reducer for Dried Powder Press Worm reducer for dried powder press is a kind of transmission device mainly designed for use in the forming mechanism of dried powder automatic press to facilitate the forming of process metallic materials, ceramic materials, and magnetic material, etc.
    Our worm reducer for dried powder press is
  • Worm Reducer for Paper Cutting Machine Since our worm reducer for paper cutting machine adopts high precision variable tooth worm drive, it has the advantages of large shearing force, low running noise, quick running speed, high efficiency, long service life, and sensitive control.
    Besides, our worm reducer for paper cutting machine is energy-saving .