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  • Flexible Couplings FCL The flexible couplings can offer its best performance and longer service life provided that the relative displacement between shafts is kept within the specified tolerance.FCL series flexible couplings are widely used in the medium and small power transmission systems driven by motors.
  • Jaw Type Coupling FL Jaw Type Coupling FL can be used in all kinds of machinery and hydraulic transmissions.
    They are small in size and have large transmission torque.
    Jaw Type Coupling FL should be plugged in axially. They are easy to assembly and do not...


Coupling is a kind of mechanical part used to connect the drive shaft and driven shaft in different mechanisms and make them rotate together to transmit torque.In high speed, heavy-duty power transmission, some couplings also have the functions of buffering, vibration reduction, and improving the dynamic performance of shafting.

There are many kinds of couplings. According to the relative position of two connected shafts and the variation of positions, couplings can be classified to fixed couplings and flexible couplings.

The commonly used flexible couplings are jaw and toothed couplings, cross slotted couplings, universal couplings, gear couplings, chain couplings, serpentine steel flexible couplings, radial multilayer plate spring couplings, rubber sleeve couplings, etc.

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» Products » Coupling