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Worm Reducer for Continuous Casting Machine

RD series worm reducer is a kind of transmission machinery specially designed for continuous casting machine.
Our worm reducer for continuous casting machine is designed with self-locking function and is characterized by compact structure, large transmission ratio, slight vibrating, low running noise, and low power consumption, etc.

Features of Worm Reducer for Continuous Casting Machine
RD series gear reducer is a kind of double stage transmission equipment designed with worm and worm wheel. This worm reducer has the features of large loading capacity, high efficiency, long service life, etc.
Its shaft-mounted structure makes the gear reducer easy to connect to working machinery.
Its housing is artistic in appearance, after processed by using resin-coated sand casting.
RD-5.5-200 worm reducer for continuous casting machine can be provided with water cooling system, upon request.

Specifications of Worm Reducer for Continuous Casting Machine

Type C.D. (mm) Ratio Input power (kw) Input speed (r/min) Transmission efficiency (%) Allowed working oil temperature (℃) Application
RD-11-4.5-III 125 4.5 11 1500 90 10~100 ①*
RD-11-4.5-IIIA 125 4.5 11 1500 90 10~100
RD-11-7.5 125 7.5 11 1750 90 10~100 ①*
RD-11-10.5 125 10.5 11 1750 90 10~100
RD-11-12.5 125 12.5 11 1750 89 10~100
RD-4-240 180 240 4 1500 63 10~100 ②*
RD-5.5-200 200 200 5.5 1500 66 10~100 ③*
RD-5.5-80 200 280 5.5 1500 60 10~100 ③*

*①Vibration devices
②Storage devices for guide-ingot-bar
③Pulling-Straightening machines

Hints for users
1. It is better to lubricate the gear reducers with N320 worm gear oil or Mobil SHC634 synthetic gear oil.
2. The dimensions and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

As a professional worm reducer manufacturer in China, we can provide not only worm reducers, but also gate operators, screw actuators, couplings, etc. They are widely used in power industry, mining industry, metallurgical industry, building material industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, printing industry, ceramic industry, electronic industry, rubber and plastic industry, wood processing industry, and so on.

Due to their reliable performance, our worm gearboxes and other transmission equipment are now successfully exported to 47 countries and regions such as America, Canada, Italy, Germany, England, Spain, Australia, India, Singapore, and more.
If you intend to buy plane enveloping toroidal worm reducers or other gear reducers, please contact us.

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