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  • Worm Reducer for Continuous Casting Machine Our worm reducer for continuous casting machine is designed with self-locking function and is characterized by compact structure, large transmission ratio, slight vibrating, low running noise, and low power consumption, etc.
  • Worm Reducer for Pipe Welding Machine Worm reducer for pipe welding machine is the gear reducer specially designed for pipe welding machinery. These rationally designed worm reducers are made of high quality raw materials. They are characterized by compact structure, large transmission ratio, stable running, slight vibrating, and low running noise, etc.
  • Worm Reducer for Rubber Tire Curing Press Worm reducer for rubber tire curing press adopts plane enveloping toroidal worm gearing, which makes it superior to other worm transmissions in many aspects, such as high loading capacity, compact structure, high efficiency, smooth running, low running noise, long service life, and so on.
  • Worm Reducer for Dried Powder Press Worm reducer for dried powder press is a kind of transmission device mainly designed for use in the forming mechanism of dried powder automatic press to facilitate the forming of process metallic materials, ceramic materials, and magnetic material, etc.
  • Worm Reducer for Paper Cutting Machine Since our worm reducer for paper cutting machine adopts high precision variable tooth worm drive, it has the advantages of large shearing force, low running noise, quick running speed, high efficiency, long service life, and sensitive control.
  • Worm Reducer for Construction Hoist Compared to other worm transmissions, worm reducer for construction hoist has many advantages due to the adoption of plane enveloping toroidal worm gearing, such as compact structure, larger loading capacity, smoother running, higher efficiency, lower running noise, longer service life, etc.

Worm Gear Applications

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  • Cyclo Drive Speed Reducer When cyclo drive speed reducer adopts single stage transmission, the reduction ratio can reach up to 1:87 and the efficiency is over 90%. If this transmission machinery adopts multi-stage drive, the reduction ratio will be larger.
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