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Cyclo Drive Speed Reducer
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Cyclo Drive Speed Reducer

Features of Cyclo Drive Speed Reducer
1. High reduction ratio and high efficiency
When cyclo drive speed reducer adopts single stage transmission, the reduction ratio can reach up to 1:87 and the efficiency is over 90%. If this transmission machinery adopts multi-stage drive, the reduction ratio will be larger.
2. Compact in structure and small in size
Cyclo drive speed reducer adopts planetary drive principle, and the input shaft and output shaft are in the same axis line, so the gear reducer is small in size.
3. Stable running and low running noise
4. Reliable performance and long service life
The main component parts of cyclo drive speed reducer are made from quenched high-carbon chromium steel materials and thus are of high strength. Moreover, the rolling friction of some tooth contacts makes the gear reducer durable.
5. Cyclo drive speed reducer is rationally designed and is easy to assemble and maintain.

As a professional cyclo drive speed reducer manufacturer in China, we can produce not only cyclo drive speed reducers, but also high quality aluminum case worm gearboxes, arc gear cylindrical worm gearboxes, in line helical gearboxes, in line helical gear reducers, and other transmission equipment.

Located in Hangzhou City in Zhejiang Province, we are surrounded by highways, airports and sea ports. This will help reduce your transportation cost.

We welcome purchasers of cyclo drive speed reducers from all over the world to contact us.

» Products » Cyclo Drive Speed Reducer